iPhonize | Notch for iPhone X, S10 | Xs Theme

iPhonize | Notch for iPhone X, S10 | Xs Theme

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Beschrijving van iPhonize | Notch for iPhone X, S10 | Xs Theme

The future has come - iPhone X design has reached Android devices. Add iPhone X notch to your Android device in one click. Remove in one click as well. Fast, gorgeus, stylish. Ads free.
In the last updates, we've added almost all popular notch forms, including S10 notch, S10+, Pixel, and many others.
This apps allows you to add famous iPhone X notch on the screen of your Android device. Also, iPhonize has Classic Black mode and Essential mode. First ads the strict and elegant black notch without any hardware elements. The second allows you to turn your Android into Essential! In newer versions of the app, you can fit S10 and S10+ notches on your device.
Notion for XOutOf10 fans. We haven't stolen any idea from that doubtless cool up. We just came up with the same idea in parallel, but wasn't so fast as XOutOf10 developer. Still, we don't pretend on any exclusive rights on the idea, because it originally belongs to Apple. And our position has advantages!
If choosing between XOutOf10 and iPhonize, here are some reason to choose our app:
— Light, fast, stable. Takes few space, provides smooth callback, doesn't crash.
— Absolutely free. We don't try to earn — we've released iPhonize just for fan. That's why iPhonize has no ads and any other types of monetization.
— Simple and stylish design. It would be really strange, if you tried to turn your Android into iPhone X with that clumsy standard buttons.
— 3 in 1: iPhone X, Black Classic and Essential. XOutOf10 offers you only one function, so you need to download other apps to get our iPhonize built-in functions.
— Rounded corners. iPhonize is the first app, that reproduses both the iPhone X notch and stylish rounded corners;
— A wider range of notches, including famous S10 notch, as well as Essential, Pixel, P20 and S10+ notches.
Now, this app supports the notches of all the popular notched devices. For instance, you can try on Pixel, Essential, S10 and S10+ notches.

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    4.0.3 - 4.0.4+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)
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    Small Apps Inc